Narrative Blog Post

My name is Kaydan, as you can tell from my name on the top of the page. I am going to try to not bore you with my life story but I am going to have to tell you about the things that make me who I am and why I am who I am.

My name is spelled incorrectly to other people because it is one of those names that is pronounced different than it is spelled. Most people spell in Kayden, but I have seen it spelled worse like Kadin. Well my name is spelled Kaydan for a very unique reason. The reason is my Mom’s middle name is Kay and my Dad’s first name is Dan (short for Daniel) and if you put Kay and Dan together you get Kaydan. Yeah I know I sound like I should be a math teacher, like if you have 1 apple then you get 1 more apple how many apples do you have? I think it’s around 2. But anyways that’s really why my name is spelled the way that it is.

I am currently 16 years old and since I’ve been about 8 i have been restoring old cars and pickups with my Dad. I enjoy working on the cars and learning how engines and mechanical stuff like that works. The very first time that I can remember or have a picture to remember the first time working on a car was when I was 3 years old. My dad was restoring his 1960 F100 that he has had since he was 14 years old and he was trying to get is painted in 2003 because my dad had found out that his dad had gotten cancer and my dad wanted to get it done before he died. My dad and I was in the garage and I was sanding on the driver side rear fender of that pickup and my Mom came out and took a picture of me. My dad still has that pickup and he is 50 years old now.

Now me being 16 years old I am restoring my own 1960 F100 and I am having the time of my life restoring it with my Dad. All of the work and time we spend on the pickup and together is priceless and i will never sell my pickup.