Night Reflection #4

“Throw out all the dead! Outside, all the corpses!”

When the Jews were leaving Gleiwitz they were forced to march a half-hour to the train tracks to be evacuated. When they finally got to the train tracks it was snowing heavily and they were forced to stand still and not bend down. One man decided to eat the snow so the others also joined in and since they were not allowed to move or bend down they ate the snow off the backs of the people in front of them. After they were all on the train they started traveling and of course a lot of them died and this quote is when the Nazi SS officer ordered the Jews to throw out all the dead.


Night Reflection #3

“I have more faith in Hitler than in anyone else. He alone has kept his promises, all his promises, to the Jewish people.”

This quote shocked me but at the same time it didn’t. It was sad to hear that a Jewish prisoner said that that he has more faith in Hitler than anybody else. But he is right when he said that Hitler has kept all his promises to the Jews. I couldn’t even imagine that having more faith in the enemy than having more faith in anything else.

Night Reflection #2

“Keep her quiet! Make that madwoman shut up. She’s not the only one here…”

This sentence brought sadness to my mind. I could not believe that there were several people beating a helpless woman in front of her child just to make her be quiet. It was very sad to think about what her son had to have been thinking as he watched as his mother was beaten because she would not stop saying that there was a fire. I think that she could see the writing on the wall of where they were going and what was going to happen. But the other Jews in the cattle car did not see it that way. They saw her as being crazy.

Night Reflection #1

“The Red Army is advancing with giant strides… Hitler will not be able to harm us, even if he wants to…”

When I had first read this quote it frightened me because that is what all of the Jews of Sighet  including Elie Wiesel were thinking because they had heard news that the Nazis were being beat by the Red Army. The Jews of Sighet also doubted his plan to exterminate them. They said that it was impossible to annihilate millions of people. Wishful thinking.